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heirloom seeds you can count on from people you can trust
Want to start planting heirloom seeds, but don't know which seed companies to trust? We know shopping for seeds can be daunting, especially for a beginning gardener. That's why we've cultivated a simple selection of proven heirloom seeds from trusted sources, so you can shop easily and with confidence.
Here's what our beautiful seed packs look like: simple. heirloom. elegant. informative.
Need help choosing which Northern Climate seed varieties to start with?
My friend Dan Ohmann over at the Grass-fed Homestead interviewed me on which seed varieties I'd recommend new gardeners start with, especially if they're in a climate similar to ours here in North Idaho. Watch Dan's video now to find out why I chose these specific varieties.

(Hint: Dan has a special coupon code you can use to get 10% off your seed order! You can find that coupon code in the description to his video here: 5 Best Cold-Climate Garden Seed Varieties ;)
Check it out!
Heirlooms Evermore Seed Co. was recently featured in two videos by The Citystead, a Michigan YouTubing urban gardener who is showing the world how much healthy, abundant produce can be grown right in your back yard. Thanks Josh!
Check out this video below:
Hand Packed With Love In North Idaho

Hi, we're Tom & Sarah Wylie, and we're excited to supply you with a simple selection of the best proven non-GMO heirloom seeds at an affordable pricewhat Heirlooms Evermore has been known for since 2006.

Farrah McGuire, who founded Heirlooms Evermore, is a close personal friend of ours. Ever since first hearing about her seed company and the passion she put into every seed packet, we've been interested in doing what we could to help out. Dreams do come true, like in 2018 when Farrah asked us if we'd like to take over the company! Obviously, we said an enthusiastic, "YES!!!" and the rest is history.

2021 promises to be an amazing year for gardening, and we've been busily packing and stocking-up our inventory of top-notch, carefully selected heirloom seeds
many of which are proven to grow in northern climates like ours. We can't wait to start sending them to gardens around the worldespecially yours!