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We make it simple for you to start buying and growing heirloom garden seeds

Want to start planting heirloom seeds, but don't know which seed companies to trust?

We know shopping for seeds can be daunting, especially for a beginning gardener. That's why we've cultivated a simple, hand-picked selection of proven heirloom seeds from trusted sources, so you can shop for seeds easily and with confidence.

Meet Our New Owners!
Hi, we're Tom & Sarah Wylie, and we're excited to continue supplying you with the best non-GMO heirloom seeds that Heirlooms Evermore Seeds has been known for since 2006.

Farrah McGuire, who founded Heirlooms Evermore, is a close personal friend of ours. Ever since first hearing about her seed company and the passion she put into every seed packet, we've been interested in being involved & doing what we could to help out. Dreams do come true, like the day Farrah asked us if we'd like to take over the reigns! Obviously, we said an enthusiastic, "YES!!!" and the rest is history.

2019 promises to be an amazing year for gardening, and we've been busily packing and stocking-up our inventory of top-notch, carefully selected heirloom seeds. We can't wait to start sending them to gardens around the worldespecially yours!

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Ever since 2006, Heirlooms Evermore has only fulfilled orders through the Azure Standard natural products co-op. But now you can place orders directly on our website and receive your new top-notch heirloom garden seeds right on your doorstep just a few days later! Click here to start ordering seeds now.